We can provide a teambuilding program according to your wishes and needs. Whether it is a race on yachts, dragon boats or a daylong program that includes area tours and education at the same time, teambuilding in our resort will become a real and pleasant experience for everyone.

Sailing on sailing boats LONGTZE PREMIER

One-day program under the supervision of instructors. After a short training the crews go sailing and their task is to defeat the rival on the other boat in a race around buoys. There is a possibility to order an evening lecture about sport yachting.


  • 9:00 opening, safety instructions
  • 10:30 training
  • 13:00 lunch
  • 14:00 start of the race
  • 17:30 end of the race, return to the dock
  • 18:30 evaluation

Minimum 8 participants (2 crews). The program can be adjusted according to your needs.

Dragon boats

A dragon boat is 12,5 m long. It is an open canoe with a dragon head on the top. The crew can consist of up to 20 paddling participants (10 on the right side and 10 on the left side), one drummer sets the rhythm and there is one steersman (an experienced instructor). It is a test how the whole crew can cooperate. There are 2 - 6 boats available.


  • training on the land before boarding the boat
  • suitable for men and women of all ages and different physical conditions
  • there is a possibility to rent the boat for 1 hour, 1/2 day or all day

Minimum 10 participants.The program can be adjusted according to your needs.