Do you like to take part in competitions? Compare your strength with your colleagues or friends. We will be happy to organize a tournament in racket sports, on a climbing wall or beach playground for you. For those who are more demanding we can organize a yacht race.


Raketlon is a tetrathlon in racket sports: tennis, badminton, squash and table tennis. Only one set is played in each mentioned sport. 

In each set the players play until one of them reaches 21 points. The winner is the one who gets the most points from all the sports, not the one with the most victories. 

Regatta - yacht racing

If you and your friends or business partners desire to experience something unusual, we can recommend yacht racing. 

  • everybody can take part regardless of age or experience
  • there are 9 sailing boats of different sizes available 
  • everything can be prepared according to your needs
  • we offer complex services including accommodation, wellness or restaurant
  • expenditures for the race can be taken as an advertising tax expense