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    Relax and regenerate your body and soul. Whirlpools, Finnish sauna, herbal steam bath, Kneipp therapy and other great treatments right on the shore of Lipno. Choose one of the many massages and recharge the energy. Our wellness is the largest wellness center in Lipno.

Herbal sauna

There is lower temperature in a herbal sauna, mostly around 70°C, and there is higher humidity because stones are poured over with water which contains aromatic essences.


Hydro massage in three whirlpool baths where each of them has a different temperature. Microscopic bubbles, hydromassage jets and a pleasant temperature will help to relax and regenerate your muscles. In addition to it you can also enjoy the view of glittering Lipno Lake.

Finnish sauna

Finnish dry sauna is a wooden room where the air is heated to 60 - 100°C. The air humidity is usually very low, the body gets heated and realeses endorphines.

Steam bath

Steam bath differs from sauna by the humidity of hot air with the temperature of 40 - 50°C. The body gets warm in these pleasant conditions.

Kneipp Therapy

Walking in warm and cold water contributes to warming and cooling your feet and at the same time your feet get a massage by walking on pebblestones. You repeat this procedure a few times, each time drying your feet and after a while you feel warmness in your feet which continues into the whole body. This procedure helps to improve blood supply to your feet and the whole body.

Sun meadow

The sun contributes to our positive mood, lowers tension and has a positive influence on our performance. When the weather is bad, in our wellness centre you can find a sun meadow which provides the full range of light spectrum. It helps to relax and regenerate.