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Winter Holidays at Lipno Reservoir

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An Ideal Destination for Families with Children

The Lipno Reservoir is definitely not a place that goes into winter hibernation. In fact, the absolute opposite is true. In winter, the area lives for downhill and cross-country skiing, skating on the frozen lake and lots of indoor activities. It may not be the Alps, but an elevation of 725 m and the Šumava foothills are ideal for recreational skiing and families with children. Moreover, it is just a stone’s throw away from Austria. And you won’t get bored even if the weather turns poor: there are plenty of indoor activities and relaxation options to choose from.

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Where to Go Skiing

The nearest ski resort is Skiareál Lipno, which offers recreational skiing for adults and children. Fox Park – with its 120-metre training course, three carpet lifts and fairy-tale slalom – has been created especially for children. A part of the ski slope is set aside for night sleighing and tobogganing. Races take place on Saturdays and the popular “Welcoming of Guests” takes place on Sundays.

Just a short distance away is Skipark Frymburk, a smaller and more family-friendly ski resort. The resort’s main draw is the Méda Kubík (Teddy Jake) children’s park with two carpet lifts, ski school and attractions. If your children like cross-country skiing, a track leading to the Treetop Walkway begins at the bottom of the slope. A destination like that will certainly motivate them!

Austrian Hochficht is just 50 km from Lipno nad Vltavou, and it really has a way with children. The new Fichtl Kids Park is located just by the resort restaurant with its children’s play area and is easily accessible directly from the main parking lot. Moreover, it has a 185-metre covered moving walkway, providing children and beginner skiers with maximum comfort. More adept skiers will enjoy the undulating slopes and the forest route that hides lots of surprises.

Another Austrian ski resort, Sternstein, is just 30 minutes away from our resort by car. A whole host of downhill slopes, different types of lifts and cross-country ski trails are waiting for you in beautiful Austrian nature. You can take advantage of the “1+1 free” special the whole season if your purchase a ski pass valid from Monday through Thursday. Just present the Grenzgenial guide or Enjoy Lipno – Grenzgenial mobile app, where you can find the discount coupon.

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Where to Go to Get Your Adrenalin Fix

Do your children like scooters? Then they’ll love ice scooters. They can take a spin on the skating course on the Lipno Reservoir, which is easily accessible right from our resort. Just be careful: ice scooters are much faster than skates, and your children may be out of sight before you round the first corner.

Ice scooters have one other advantage: if there is a bit of snow on the ice or the surface of the skating course is not maintained, the blades can be covered with a rubber slider, transforming the ice scooter into a ski scooter. You can rent them in Frymburk and in Lipno nad Vltavou.

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Where to Go Swimming

The hotel has a heated, 20-meter long, saltwater pool. Unlike chlorinated water, salt water is gentle on the body and good for the skin. Guests of the hotel and Deluxe Houses have free access to the pool until 1:00 p.m.

If your kids do not give a blow without water fun, take them to Aquaworld in Lipno nad Vltavou. They can enjoy a water mushroom, water slide, counter-current swimming pool or relax in the hot tub.

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When the Weather’s Bad

The covered Sport Arena is a part of our resort. It offers a host of sporting activities: fitness, tennis, golf and a climbing wall. If you prefer to relax and recharge, you can visit our wellness centre, which is one of the biggest in Lipno. At the Blue Lipno restaurant you can taste regional and international dishes and go bowling.

Lipno has long not been just a summer destination. You would be hard pressed to find any other place with so many activities in one location.

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