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Taste is essential to us. All meals are always fresh.
We focus on quality and careful handling of fresh raw ingredients, therefore meal preparation requires time.


Seasonal salad greens

Homemade smoked Pork, homemade pastry and pickled vegetables

Beef Tartare with cold-smoked mayo, marinated vegetables

CZK 149

CZK 155

CZK 198


Beef goulash soup from Beef neck

South Bohemian “kulajda“ made from wild mushrooms with soft-boiled egg and fresh dill

Strong onion soup

CZK 98

CZK 98

CZK 84


Pink roasted Pork tenderloin with Salad of pumpkin, beetroot and apple, nuts

Salad with beetroot and goat cheese

Salad with the fish of the day *

*Please ask your waiter or the chef

CZK 395

CZK 195

CZK 299

Main courses

Baked Beef heart with creamy root vegetable sauce and bread dumplings

Confit of Goose thigh with butter-roasted potatoes Gnocchi, onion cabbage

Slow baked beef Ribs with root vegetables and robust red-wine sauce and pickled celery–apple salad

Braised boar goulash with rosehip sauce and homemade potatoes Donuts

Pork tenderloin roasted to perfection with ragout from local mushrooms, pumpkin puree

CZK 255

CZK 395

CZK 395

CZK 375

CZK 395

Vegetarian dishes

Fresh local mushrooms goulash with Herb bread dumplings, crème fraiche

Creamy sauce with fresh dill, boiled potatoes and soft boiled egg

CZK 195

CZK 189

Children’s menu

Homemade chicken noodle soup

Fresh pasta with tomato sauce and stewed beef balls

Grilled daily fish and mashed potatoes

Pork fillet with rough-mashed potatoes

Czech porridge with hot apple

CZK 48

CZK 148

CZK 155

CZK 155

CZK 135


Homemade desserts of the day

Czech porridge with hot apple ragout, nuts, rum and raisin

CZK 135

CZK 159

Tapas to wine

Seasonal cheese platter 100 g / 200 g

Pickled olives with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, white bread

CZK 149,-/296,-

CZK 155

Beer snacks

Homemade marinated Sausages with beer and bread

6 chicken drumsticks marinated, tomatoes salsa

Steak fries with Cocktail Dip

CZK 155

CZK 249

CZK 159

Opening hours

Mon–Sun 11:00–22:00


(+ 420) 380 731 780

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